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On more than one occasion, you’ve probably found yourself moaning —

“I HATE project management software! It’s so annoying.”

And you’ve wondered why it isn’t easy for someone like you, a member of the

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Everyone isn’t a project manager, but everybody manages projects.

And even if the work you do isn’t technically a project, I’m willing to bet it’s still tied to a larger project, program, or portfolio. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re…


Picture this…

Always on, sophisticated AI bots working in the background processing data and delivering curated insights to you when AND how you want them. Think Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, but for project management.

This will better enable you to spot trends and make informed decisions. Your AI bot…

Let’s face it. We live in a customer-driven world.

Business success is predicated on your ability to rapidly meet (and exceed) your customer’s wants, needs, and expectations. In other words…

Your entire company must be built for speed.

This is just as true for Fortune 100 corporations as it is…


Project management, as we know it, is dying. Yes, dying with a capital D.

Blasphemy you say! Well, before you burn your toast…


Some say project management isn’t dying. It’s simply evolving or adapting to a new age.

I beg to differ.

Project management is suffering at…

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Do you have the skills and certifications employers are looking for?

According to PMI, by 2027, companies around the world will need nearly 88 million professionals working in project management-related roles. Sounds great, right?

Well, not so fast.

Unfortunately, many project managers won’t make the cut. Before you start popping…


Are you unemployed (or think you might become unemployed)? On the other hand, are you self-employed?

As I stated in my last article, “The Uberization of Project Managers: A Survival Guide for Corporate Refugees” -

“At least 40% of the U.S. workforce will be moonlighting for more than one company…

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Ah, isn’t life great?

Maybe I should pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

That’s what you tell yourself as you’re toasting to the good life with your friends on the patio of the luxurious St. Regis hotel. You even order a round of drinks for everyone.

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When I was growing up, the old folks used to say there are only two things in life that are guaranteed: death and taxes.

But wait. There’s a third.


It’s the bane of entrenched incumbents and the savior of emerging competitors. …

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There’s a beast lurking on the outskirts of your career.

It salivates over good managers and devours mediocre ones. And, this beast is ready to pounce — when you least expect it.

One day you’re happily progressing in your career. And the next day, your boss and HR manager are…

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